Feminine Tattoos; 100+ Gorgeous Tattoo Designs for Women

Women Tattoos; An Introduction

Feminine Tattoos, as by name the tattoo art especially for women, ladies or girls. In earlier time, tattoo art was only describe for Men but in the modern society when women are having similar power all around the world, they wants to showoff. Nowadays, girls really like to have tattoo, it gives them confidence as well as the tattoo look really gorgeous on Women bodies. Tattoos give compliment to curves and make them more beautiful. A girl who is having tattoo is consider as strong personality one as compared to other girls.

Nowadays, you can easily see girls on a street or beach carry an awesome tattoo on her shoulder or thigh or lower back. Women Tattoos can be places anywhere, it just look awesome on her body. However, there are some common placements that every girl choose to have tattoo i.e lower back, ankle, feet, wrist, shoulder, neck, behind the ears.

As the choice of girls to have tattoo I can say is far better than Men. They know where to place a tattoo to showoff easily as well as impress the surroundings.

Most Popular Tattoo Designs for Women:

Although, any kind of tattoo art suits on feminine body but, still there are some really famous tattoo styles that every women use to have. One of the most famous Tattoo design for women is Butterfly Tattoo. Butterfly, a very colourful and cute insect which use to fly over flowers. Girls like flowers and colours so they like to have butterfly tattoos. Similar to it, following we have describe some other popular tattoo styles for Women.

Flower Tattoos

Girls like flowers. Every female on this planet like colours and flowers are the best source of colours. Flowers are beautiful, it has fragrance which spread all around and make the pleasant environment. Girls as usual are very sophisticated, they like fragrance, colours and beauty all around. These are the main reasons why women like to flower tattoos so much.

Flower Tattoo for Female Flower tattoo Women Picture Flower Women Tattoo Full-Back-Flower-Tattoos-For-Women sexy-tattoos-for-women-2017

Angel Tattoos

Angel, a beautiful messenger of God. No one has every witness an ugly or not to beautiful angel in this world. As angels are having huge wings which help them to fly anywhere they want, every girl has a dream to fly like an angel. Although, no girl can fly but somehow, Angel tattoo designs can help them to fulfil their desires.

Angel Women Tattoo Angel-Tattoo-Design-for-Girls- fallen-angel-tattoo girl-angel-tattoo-for-women grey-ink-back-body-angel-tattoo-for-girls little-angel-on-shoulder-tattoos-for-girls

Dragonfly Tattoos

Dragonfly, another beautiful insect that signify freedom. It represent leaving behind the old beliefs and live in the new Independent world. For many years, female use to keep in subjugation but now they can live freely. Dragonfly tattoos help every girl to express her desires to the world.

Dragonfly Women Tattoo Picture Dragonfly Women Tattoo Picture dragonfly tattoo for women cute-dragonfly-tattoo Best Dragonfly Tattoo Design dragonfly-tattoo



Koi Fish Tattoos

Koi Fish tattoo, a very famous tattoo art in japan and china. Koi fish symbolise adaptability. The fish can live in any water and in any environment. As a women who need to settle herself in every department of life. Fish is a cute water creature, that is why girls use to like Koi fish tattoo nowadays.

Women Koi Fish Tattoos Design Koi Fish Tattoo women koi-fish-tattoo-for-your-shoulder koi-fish-tattoo-designs Koi Fish Tattoo Koi Fish Tattoo Design

Fairy Tattoos

Fairy, a cute magical being from some other land that fulfil human wishes and desires. Nowadays, Tinkerbell is well famous fairy in girls. Fairies symbolise the beauty, grace, innocence and mischievousness. Mostly young girls like to have fairy tattoos which always look good on them.

Adorable-Fairy-Tattoo-Design Fairy-Tattoo-Designs-women Beautiful Fairy Tattoo Fairy Tattoo Design Ideas Fairy Tattoo for Women Fairy Tattoo on Shoulder

Ladybug Tattoos

Ladybug, a small insect that symbolise luck and happiness. Ladybug is often associated with virgin marry in Christian religion. In Chinese culture, its is consider as a good luck. They use to belief if ladybug sits on your clothes, you true love will call you. In India, it is also take as a good luck. Girls really believe in fate so this is why Ladybug tattoo is well famous in women culture.

LadyBug 3d tattoo ladybug tattoo design Ladybug tattoo on thighs ladybug-tattoo-design-ideas ladybug-tattoo-on-back Ladybug-Tattoo-on-neck

Letter Tattoos

Often, you can notice that women tattoos are not so huge like men tattoos. Girls use to have small tattoos on their shoulder, lower back, wrist etc. So, a Letter could be very cool idea to have as tattoo. Girls are always mischievous, they keep things secret from the world. That’s why, having a single letter tattoo can sometimes confuse you why is she having that.

a letter tattoo finger b letter tattoo design k letter tattoo letter tattoo design Letter Tattoo Design Lettor tattoo for women

Most Popular Placements for Women to Get Tattoos:

Although, tattoo suits to any part of women body but still there are some feminine spots which increase the grace of tattoos. Before going to have a tattoo, a girl should know what kind of tattoo she is going to have and which is the best placement to have tattoo? Following, we have mention some popular women tattoo spots which you should consider.

Shoulder, Shoulder Blades –

Shoulder is the most common placement to have tattoo for girls. If you like to wear sleeveless dresses,  or t-shirts or any kind of outfit with visible shoulders you can go for shoulder tattoo. Having tattoo on shoulder is also increase your confidence.

Both small or larger tattoo can be fit on shoulder. If your tattoo is small, you can place it on the top of side of shoulder and if the tattoo is big, then cover the shoulder blades to get all the huge size.

Best Shoulder Tattoo for women Shoulder Tattoo design for women Shoulder Tattoo for women Shoulder Tattoo women picture Shoulder Tribal Tattoo women Tattoo-Designs-For-Women-on-Shoulder

Lower Back –

Lower Back could be the most sexiest spot to have tattoo. It is the placement which was visible by mistake in old times but now lower back is the most fine area to showoff tattoo.

If you like to wear short t-shirts, blouse or any kind of upper short outfit lower back could be the hottest spot for having a tattoo. Mostly, tattoos that are having vertical shape mostly suits on lower back area.

bow-tattoo-low-back-center1 dragonfly lower back tattoo lower back tattoo design Sexy Lower Back tattoo lower back tattoo women lower back tribal tattoo

Thighs –

O..la..la…Another amazing placement for women to have tattoo. If you are going for big tattoo and often use to wear short dress then you must go for tattoo of thighs. Having tattoo on thigh is consider that you are really a bold women.

Mostly thigh tattoo covers upper thigh and side hip area. Large tattoos for women like dream catcher tattoo, flower tattoo, Sugar Skull Tattoo and pattern tattoos mostly goes on thighs.

Famous Thigh Tattoo Women thigh letter tattoo Thigh tattoo designs thigh tattoos for women thigh-tattoos-flowers thigh-tattoos-for-girls

Ankle –

Ankle tattoo is consider as one of the most beautiful tattoo placements for girls. It compliments your beautiful ankle and improve its beauty. Mostly ankle tattoos are small enfold around the lower leg.

ankle tattoo design ankle tattoo for girls pics ankle tattoo for girls ankle tattoo for women feather ankle tattoo flower ankle tattoo

Feet –

Feet tattoos are well famous in girls. It consist of mostly flowers, letters, stars, symbols and Zodiac. If you are young girl and use to wear slippers mostly, you should go for feet tattoo as it helps you to improve the gorgeousness of visible feet.

Feet tattoo Design feet tattoo for girls feet tattoo for women Feet-Tattoo-Designs for females Feet-Tattoo-Designs Feet-Tattoo-Designs

Behind the Neck –

If you are a busy women and like to have hairdo most of the time, you should go for tattoo on behind the neck. It is the area which is not always visible due to hairs but you still can improve the sexiness of tattoo behind the neck. A girl having a tattoo behind the neck when shows it look really cool. Mostly music notes, symbols, letters, names, years best suits on behind the neck placement for women.

back-of-neck-tattoos for women back-of-neck-tattoos behind the neck anchor tattoo behind the neck butterfly tattoo behind the neck cross tattoo behind the neck tattoo designs

Inner Wrist –

The most visible placement to have tattoo for women as well as men. Mostly name tattoos, letter tattoos, symbol tattoos, Zodiac tattoos goes on Inner wrist.

If you are having a partner and you both are agree to have tattoo, you should try relationship tattoo. In this tattoo art, both partners have to place tattoo on Inner wrist. It could be “King-Queen”, “She is mine-He is Mine”, “I Love Him-I Love Her”, “K-Q”, tattoo. You can also try decent letter tattoos, quotes tattoo on Inner wrist.

faith love hope wrist tattoo design inner wrist relationship tattoo inner wrist tatto for women inner wrist tattoo design inner wrist tattoo on both wrist inner wrist tattoo

Rib Cage –

Rib Cage is the largest placement for a women to have tattoo. Mostly tattoo paintings, flower tattoos, tattoos that have curves goes on rib cage area. 3d tattoos are well famous nowadays which best suits on rib cage. You can try flying birds and stars also as rib cage tattoo.

Before you for Rib tattoo, there are couple of things you must consider 1st. Rib cage is the area which is visible very least. It remain cover most of the time with your outfit. Rib cage is having very solid bones with very less skin over it. So, it could be painful then other ares of your body to have tattoo. But still if you want to go for it, you can discuss with your tattoo artist before having a tattoo.

rib cage tattoo for women Ribcage-tattoos women rib-cage-tattoos-pictures-hd-women sexy ribcage tattoo for women sexy-rib-cage-tattoo-for-women Skull-and-Roses-Ribcage-tattoo

Under Boob –

The hottest spot on women body to have tattoo is under boob. If you are a beach lover and spend your summers on beach then you must go for tattoo on Under boob. Well famous under boob tattoos are queen crown tattoo, tattoo patterns, quotes tattoo on side boob.

Although, it is not the placement which is visible very often but still a huge amount of females go for underboob tattoo.

Sexy underboob tattoo design under boob tattoo design under breast tattoo Underboob Tattoo design picture Underboob-Tattoos-Designs-for-Women underbood-tattoo-design

Tattooed Women; 20 Hot Girls with Tattoos:

Along with tyke of tattoos and best placement, here we have 20 most beautiful Tattooed Women with gorgeous physique. These pictures of females with tattoos can give you enough confidence before visiting to tattoo shop.

These are the hottest women with tattoos and we have chosen them after spending some good hour over Internet.

best tattoos for women flower-women-attractive-tattoos-on-rib-cage hot tattooed women pictures hot tattoed girls Hot Tattoos For Girls Hot girls with tattoos 1 Hot Girls Tattoo Designs Hot Females with tattoos Hot Tattoed Women hot women tattoo designs hot women with tattoos hot-tattoo-girl hot-women tattoos design hot-women-with-tattoos Women Tattoo Sexy Hot Sexy-Tattoo-Designs-for-Women Tattooed Girls Women Pictures sexy women-with-tattoos sexy tattooed women pin up girl tattoo

We hope you like the collection of Best Women Tattoo Designs. We try to cover each popular category and placement to have tattoo for females. We will update the article with more tattoo designs for girls. Keep visiting us and also, Subscribe us for upcoming tattoo ideas and designs.