50+ Cool Phoenix Tattoo Designs with Meaning (Pictures)

Phoenix Tattoos; An Introduction

Phoenix tattoo, a well famous tattoo art form in Egypt, Greek, Catholic, China, and Japan. This tattoo art is based on a mythological firebird Phoenix. Often, the depicted rebirth, new life, strength, wisdom, and honor. The tattoo art is a powerful symbol of rebirth. People who strongly believe to reinstate life after losing, they mostly like to have phoenix tattoo. The tattoo comes with different colors and textures. However, Tribal Phoenix tattoo is black n white. Before going further, let’s know more about Phoenix tattoo art form. Also, Check  – Cat Tattoo Designs for Cat Lovers

History of Phoenix Tattoo Art:

History Of Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix is a mythological creature who rises from ashes. It is a symbol of the new beginning, new life, fights back after losing. It has been a belief that, Phoenix bird live for the 1000 year. After completion of life-span, the bird burns itself and new phoenix rise from the same ashes. The bird is called Bennu is Egyptian culture, however, Indian people use to worship it as immortal bird Garuda.

In Chinese culture, Phoenix is a 2nd most important mythological bird (after Dragon). The bird is used to called Fenghuang. Due to being a gentle creature, Phoenix is associated with Empress with feminine qualities, kindness, and reliability. However, it considered to be an embodiment of yin and yang hence, represent the harmony of the feminine as well as masculine virtues.

In Japanese Culture, Phoenix is “Not dead bird”. In Japanese tattoo art, Phoenix tattoo combined with Dragon Tattoo symbolizing yin and yang, female and male. It depicted as a symbol of power and strength. Even, Japan has a Pokemon version of Phoenix, called Moltres.

Phoenix Tattoo Meaning:

Phoenix Tattoo is a symbol of rebirth, transformation, life, power, strength, and victory. The bird reborn after death similarly, a person can reinstate its life after losing everything. People who really like bird tattoos, they deliberately have phoenix tattoo. The tattoo has provided them confidence towards life while keeping a positive attitude.

Phoenix Tattoo Designs:

Phoenix tattoo can be worn by either men or women. It is one of the most famous bird tattoo art in Catholic culture. However, people use to have this tattoo on Chest, Back, rib cage, Sleeve, and Shoulder. Through this article, we are providing you an astonishing collection of Phoenix Tattoo Designs. We hope you like it.

Phoenix Tattoo Design Idea Phoenix Tattoo Design Idea Phoenix Tattoo Design Picture Phoenix Tattoo Design Picture Phoenix Tattoo Design Image Phoenix Tattoo Design Pinterest Phoenix Tattoo Design Pinterest Phoenix Tattoo Design Japanese

Phoenix Tattoos for Sleeve:

As you know, the arm is the most appropriate place to have a tattoo. It is the area which you can show off easily. Either your phoenix tattoo is small or large, it can be placed easily around the sleeve. Check out the following images which help you to get an idea –

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3d Phoenix Tattoo for Sleeve Phoenis Tattoo for Sleeve Phoenix Tattoo Arm Phoenix Tattoo for Sleeve 1 Phoenix Tattoo for Sleeve 2 Phoenix Tattoo for Sleeve 3 Phoenix Tattoo for Sleeve 3 Phoenix Tattoo Sleeve Men

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Ideas:

Tribal tattoos are mostly black and white so as Phoenix tattoo. Tribal tattoo art mostly focuses on design, not colours. Phoenix looks really cool when combined with tribal tattoo art. You can either add phoenixes in your old tattoo or have a new Phoenix Tribal Tattoo.

Phoenix Tattoo for Sleeve 1 Phoenix Tattoo for Sleeve 3 Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Arm Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Back Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Design Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Ideas Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Men Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Women

Hot Women with Phoenix Tattoos:

Phoenix Tattoo Back Phoenix Tattoo Women Back Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Forearm


Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Pic Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Rib Cage Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Ribcage Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Sleeve Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Back Image

I think that is enough to help to learn about phoenix tattoo art. Nowadays, It is widely used tattoo art form through the world. Be like Phoenix and rise from your loses as a new person and start living a new life. Be hopeful for better future. Once you will have phoenix tattoo, it will never let you loose your hope towards a good life.

We hope you like the collection of Phoenix Tattoo Designs. We will update the article with more ideas and pictures. Please visit 101tattooideas.com for more exciting tattoo ideas.