Palewave is an aesthetic that features pale and muted colors. Its relaxed colors are easy on the eyes, and will definitely fit anybody. What with its simple look and chill vibe, one has to at least try putting a whole palewave outfit together.

Palewave essential colors:
• Pastel colors like light pink, light blue, light yellow
• Muted colors such as beige, cream, pale pink, pale blue, grey
• Earthen tones for contrast like navy blue, olive green, brown

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Putting together an outfit is very easy. Plain pieces with solid colors work best for this style. One can have a shirt of any of the colors mentioned above then pair with light wash jeans (very essential!) and finish it off with white sneakers or any palewave color of choice. Accessorize with a cap (dad hats are best) and a jacket, and you’re good to go.

One thing you must never forget though is to make sure the outfit is comfortable. Ditch those tight jeans and go for something a bit loose. Wear a shirt that’s a size bigger. Remember, this aesthetic is defined by lightness, so don’t over think things and loosen up!

Palewave is perfect for those into normcore or minimalism, or those who want to take a break from the loudness of bright, colorful hues. Seeing plenty of colors can be exhausting or overwhelming to some, so having a go at the light and muted colors is a great way to achieve the chill vibe.

With everybody jumping on the latest flashy trends and trying to stand out from the rest, you can just choose to let loose with palewave. The very relaxed feeling it gives off is the best part about the aesthetic, and its tranquility can even be felt by those around you. So go ahead, put together an outfit and feel your best.

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